Backyard Pergola Design Toronto

Pergolas are an easy way to add a quiet and private oasis to your backyard property. This client in Toronto wanted to add a beautiful, large pergola to their backyard that would create a feeling of warmth and relaxation. They reached out to the best in the business to design and build their custom pergola and backyard project, Backyard Pergolas . Once we identified the desired result of this homeowner by going over their expectations, we created a custom design for their exact backyard space and in no time, began our backyard landscaping and backyard pergola installation and build process..

Custom lighting was integrated not only into the backyard pergola but also into the interlocking stone around the backyard. This creates a breathtaking ambiance reminiscent of any five-star luxury resort. The client could not have been happier with the end result. The seamless integration of luxury, convenience and beauty truly blew away any previous expectations of the completed project. Backyard Pergolas is proud of its team of experienced professionals, and projects like this one are what makes that so. We’re happy our team was able to capture the client’s vision of their perfect backyard pergola and space and bring it to life. If you have a dream or a vision you wish to turn into reality, contact Backyard Pergolas today for a free consultation.

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